How to Transfer the Cremated Remains of a Loved One

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When a loved one dies, and they are cremated, we often want to keep some of the remains with us at our home.  But what is the right way to store or handle these cremated remains? How should you transfer them? What can you do with them? There is a lot more to worry about other than finding the right cremation services. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not the easiest process either. After all, handling remains can be difficult for anyone.

Deciding on Where to Store the Remains

The first thing you need to do is decide where you want to store the remains. If an apartment or condo association governs the property, they might have restrictions on storing cremated in the vicinity. If that’s the case, make sure those rules aren’t violated, as that could be put in place because of health and safety codes.

Once you know where the remains will be stored and put them somewhere respectable, you’ll then need to decide how to transport them.

How to Transport the Cremated Remains

For instance, some people like to keep the cremated remains in a wooden or a solid glass urn. But if there is going to be a lot of travel involved, then the best bet may be to find something appropriate that’s also easy to move and transport.

If you’re traveling with the remains to either the crematory or the scattering site, you may want to look into using a travel case or safe. Most cremators will offer boxes for transporting the ashes so that they are protected and returned in the same conditions they were received.

You don’t need to go overboard with something fancy and expensive. In most cases, a basic cardboard box will do as long as it’s durable and relatively low cost.

Even if you’re not the one handling the remains, make sure it’s handled in a way that respects their memory and life. Always wear white gloves when handling these remains if they’re not stored in an urn or other container.

How To Scatter The Remains

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to store the remains and how they’re going to be transported, now you can figure out where to scatter them. This part may depend on the state that your loved one lived in because it could be illegal to scatter remains across state lines or within the city limits of another city.

 If the remains are going to be scattered, find out what paperwork is needed and if any laws need to be followed. Ensure that if they’re being scattered, you and anyone else handling the remains follow all state-mandated guidelines. The rules for scattering could vary from one state to another.

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