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Green Cremation Texas is the state’s first and only environmentally-conscious cremation service provider. We have compiled this list of links and resources to help you better understand the ecological benefits of our work. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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Veterans Burial Benefits

Veterans Burial Benefits

Whether arranging a burial at a national cemetery, private cemetery or planning a direct cremation service, our experienced funeral directors understand veterans’ benefits and will plan accordingly for you.

I want to be a tree
Things to Consider

I Want To Be A Tree

Every funeral director has heard this phrase uttered from a future client at least once in the last year. Facebook is filled with memes about

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Funeral Director

Funeral Director, Melissa Unfred

Our Funeral Director, Melissa Unfred, grew up in Lubbock, attended Preston Smith and Tubbs Elementary, Irons Middle School, and Coronado High School. She began her