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I want to be a tree
Things to Consider

I Want To Be A Tree

Every funeral director has heard this phrase uttered from a future client at least once in the last year. Facebook is filled with memes about Haunted Forests and tree urns. There’s just one little problem. Did you know that cremated remains truly cannot nourish or grow a tree? During the flame cremation process, all organic material is destroyed. What is left is not ash but in fact, charred bone, which is then pulverized into a sand or kitty litter size consistency. This material is not suitable to sustain or promote new life AT ALL. The tree urns you see claim to bring forth new life are possibly a waste of money. One product that I trust is called Biotree. The Biotree Urn is made using natural plant fibers and materials that aid in fertilizing the surrounding soil. The cremated remains are encased within the urn, not mixed into the soil, thus lowering the pH levels of the cremated remains, and creating a suitable environment for a tree to grow. Another eco bonus is Biotree takes great care in selecting tree species that are harmonious to your local environment, complementing the unique ecosystem that surrounds them, and creating a living tribute for those who now rest at their roots. A certificate is provided with each Biotree Urn, which families can redeem to receive their memorial tree sapling. The retail price for a Biotree Urn is $300. Let us know if you would like more information or to purchase a Biotree Urn.