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Green Cremation Texas is proud to serve the “Greenest City in America” by providing innovative, low-cost cremation in Austin that minimizes environmental impact. Our process is more streamlined, more efficient and more affordable than traditional burials and cremations. Call today for personal assistance and information about your green cremation options.

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Looking for an Austin Funeral Home Near Me?

Looking for an Austin Cremation Near Me?

Using a Greener Cremation Process in Austin

Many Austinites choose Green Cremation Texas because we are the first and only carbon neutral funeral home in the heart of Texas. Eco-conscious residents appreciate that we have dedicated 20 years to improving cremation services in Austin so that they have less of an impact on the local environment while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Green Direct Cremation Options in Austin

We’ve created a cleaner way to perform flame cremation that’s more energy efficient and results in fewer air-borne toxins compared to traditional services. Extra precautions are taken to ensure no plastics are ever incinerated and energy use is minimized at every stage in the process.

In Texas you have the option of choosing water cremation, also referred to as aquamation. We’re among the few Austin funeral homes that specializes in this unique method that utilizes a water/alkali solution for natural decomposition rather than pollutant-generating incineration. Overall, 90% less energy is used with water cremation.

Austin Funeral Urns That Are Better for the Environment

Once the cremation is complete we can store the remains in a temporary recyclable container. We also have a variety of green cremation containers in Austin that can be used for burials and scattering ceremonies.

Urns are containers for cremated remains that contain the ashes of a deceased individual. They are often made of bronze, brass, copper, steel, or ceramic.

We offer a variety of services, including cremation, burial, viewings, and more. Urns are typically used as a container for cremated remains. However, some people choose to use them as a memorial item instead. If you would like to purchase an urn, we recommend using one that has been designed specifically for cremation.

Our Cremation Process

Understanding Cremation Cost in Austin

Few people are prepared to handle the death of a loved one without having to deal with the frustration of deciphering all of the related expenses. Funeral homes are notorious for having less than transparent pricing, low-ball estimates and adding on unexpected fees.

Green Cremation Texas is helping clear up the confusion by making burial and direct cremation prices in Austin more transparent.

Also known as ‘bio-cremation’, ‘Aqua-Cremation’, or resomation, green cremation is a gentle, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cremations and casket burials. It is a quiet process that uses water and potassium hydroxide to reduce the deceased’s body to its basic element of bone ash.

Like cost-of-living, Austin funeral costs have increased significantly in recent years. The average cost of a funeral without factoring in the cost of a plot, burial fees and headstone is slightly above the national average of $7,300. With all of the costs included a traditional burial in Austin can easily exceed $10,000.

The average cost of cremation in Austin is less than a traditional burial, but if you opt for services at the funeral home it can be expensive. Austin cremation services are generally between $4,000-$6,500 with a formal viewing and memorial at the funeral home.

Cost of Direct Cremation in Austin

Cheap cremation in Austin is possible when you choose a no service option. This option is known as direct cremation. The cost of cremation without service in Austin is closer to just $1,000-$2,200.

Austin direct cremation costs don’t involve embalming, extra funeral home fees, staff payments, casket rental and printed memorial materials. At Green Cremation Texas Austin Funeral Home we keep it simple with all-inclusive direct cremation packages for a single price. You get eco-friendly cremation services without hidden fees, upsells and unnecessary extras.

Austin Cremation Only Services - Higher Quality, Lower Impact

Austin Funeral Home

People in Austin definitely like to do things their own way, even if it’s considered “weird”. It’s a mindset that has defined the city for decades. Austin is also a city that’s known as a leader in living green from the building codes to end of life services.

Austinites are heavily invested in protecting the local environment, and we understand why. Natural beauty abounds with the Hill Country in the west, the Colorado River winding through downtown, three pristine lakes and miles of hike and bike trail to explore. Those who were dedicated to environmental causes in life would naturally prefer green end of life services that preserve Austin’s beauty.

Planning a Personalized Austin Cremation Memorial

Services from Green Cremation Texas don’t just help the city reach its net-zero emissions initiatives. Direct cremation in Austin also gives you the ability to completely personalize the memorial service. There’s no pressure to have a memorial right away at the funeral home. You can take your time planning a one-of-a-kind cremation memorial that truly honors your loved one.

By choosing direct cremation you can:

  • Bury your loved one’s remains at Austin Memorial Park, Oakwood Cemetery or another local cemetery of your choice.
  • Scatter your loved one’s remains along the banks of Lake Travis, Barton Creek trails or a special spot at McKinney Falls State Park.
  • Have a memorial service at Covert Park on Mount Bonnell, the Umlauf Sculpture Garden or another scenic spot that was meaningful to your loved one.

With direct cremation services from Green Cremation Texas you get an eco-friendly end of life option that also gives you more control over the process.

Why We’re the Top-Rated Austin Funeral Home

Green Cremation Texas doesn’t just minimize environmental impact. We also ease the stress and anxiety that comes with arranging end of life services. You won’t be overwhelmed with decisions and confused by indirect service fee estimates. We make everything easy to understand with a cremation process in Austin that’s unlike any other Austin funeral home.

Making Arrangements is Easy
Cremation arrangements can be made in minutes over the phone or in-person at our funeral home. We’re available 24/7 to schedule services.

All-Inclusive Cremation Options
We’ve made the cremation process incredibly simple by offering all-inclusive packages. All you have to decide is whether to use water cremation or clean flame cremation, and we’ll handle the rest. Our team will arrange for everything from transport to our facility to filing the proper paperwork for the death certificate.

Transparent Pricing
Prices for our services are clearly stated on our website. You pay one price and that’s it. No hidden fees, estimates that increase or up-sells.

Assistance From a Team of Experts
Green Cremation Texas is an Austin Funeral Home that has a compassionate, experienced team that’s been providing end of life services for over 20 years. Our primary goal is to make sure you are informed every step of the way and are given the care you deserve during this difficult time.

Affordable Cremation in Austin Has Never Been Easier or Greener

When you need guidance through the cremation process Green Cremation Texas is here for you. Instead of wading through an endless array of choices that adds to the stress, we give you streamlined services that are easier on you and the local environment.

Our Austin funeral home is here for you when you need us most. Our crematorium is open 24/7 to help arrange services and answer questions about cremation options in Austin.

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