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Refreshingly Honest, Transparent Care In The Heart of Texas

Austin Funeral Home

We are Green Cremation Texas, the first environmentally-focused, carbon-neutral Funeral Home in the state.

Founded on accessibility and transparency, our mission is to empower families through the thoughtful adoption of technology and innovation, while reducing the stress and environmental impact brought on by traditional funeral practices.

Our 100% online funeral home services in the heart of Texas are easily secured for you without ever needing to come to one of our physical locations. You can call or text us 24/7. We are available anytime for information and support.

In addition to our amazing 5-Star Social Ratings, we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for our Austin Funeral Home and Pflugerville Funeral Home.

Losing a loved one is difficult, working with a funeral home shouldn't be.

Transparent Cremation Cost

How much is green cremation? The average cost of cremation can exceed $4,000 without factoring in funeral services. At Green Cremation Texas, we are transparent and upfront about our direct cremation service costs so there’s one less thing you have to worry about.

There’s a significant difference between cheap cremation and low-cost cremation. Green Cremation Texas offers low-cost cremation that includes all of the essentials without unnecessary extras that increase the price. It allows us to provide exemplary service at a rate that’s affordable.

Funeral costs for traditional services are increasingly getting higher and higher without additional benefits. Those services can also be very harmful to the environment over time. You can save money and environmental damage with our clean cremation services.

This type of direct cremation is similar to traditional flame-based cremation but uses more eco-conscious practices. We take great care to ensure no plastics are incinerated and reduce the number of fossil fuels that are used.

If a minimal impact is a top priority, water cremation is the best option. It’s more energy-efficient than traditional cremation and produces much less waste than a burial. Our flameless cremation specialists use a water and alkali solution with elevated heat to quickly decompose the body in a natural way.

Get 5-star Funeral Services

After years of listening to the families we serve, we set out to create the funeral service people actually wanted but didn’t know how to ask for. Based in Austin, Texas, we have over 20 years of experience — and now, you can arrange our services 100% online.

"I would recommend Green Cremation Texas over any other Austin Funeral Home. I did my research and by far this company checked all the boxes."

- G. Baron

"Melissa was outstanding in every respect. Very patient in explaining the cremation process and a great easy online process."

-Paul M.

"Letting go of my dad's earthly remains was easier because of Green Cremation Texas. They patiently answered my questions, ensuring we were ready and understood every step of the Process."

-Sally N.