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The 1st & Only Environmentally-Focused, Carbon-Neutral Funeral Home In The Heart of Texas. Discover what makes an affordable funeral home. Call Or Text 24/7!

💵 How much is cremation? The average cost of cremation in 

, Texas
Central Texas
can exceed $4,000 without factoring in funeral services. Yikes!

At Green Cremation Texas, we are transparent and upfront about our direct cremation service costs so there’s one less thing you have to worry about.

🤑  There’s a significant difference between cheap cremation and affordable cremation. Green Cremation Texas offers low-cost cremation that includes all of the essentials without unnecessary extras that increase the price. It allows us to provide exemplary service at a rate that’s affordable.

🌳 Funeral costs for traditional services are increasingly getting higher and higher without additional benefits. Those services can also be very harmful to the environment over time. You can save money and environmental damage with our clean cremation services.

⚱️ Direct Cremation is a disposition option in which the body is cremated in the days immediately following the death, without a funeral service beforehand. Direct Cremation is the most economic (affordable) option for disposition.

Funeral homes are often expensive, especially for those who cannot afford traditional funerals. Learn how to find affordable options that will meet your needs.

Cremation is one of the least expensive options for a loved one. It’s also the fastest option. However, there are some things to consider before choosing cremation. You should ask yourself whether you need a burial plot at all. If not, then you might be able to save money by having your body cremated instead.

Our Cremation Process

5-Star Funeral Home

Timely & Compassionate

"Timely and compassionate communication is so important when faced with a difficult situation, such as managing the logistics of loss. Marlaena was quick to reply to questions, always professional, and caring in her responses. My mother passed away at an assisted living facility and the staff there noted that the Green Cremation team was very professional and thoughtful. We are grateful to have found them."

- Elizabeth M.

Professional & Timely

"I really appreciated how easy Marlaena and Green Cremation were to work with. During such a stressful time it was a BIG deal that I could do everything by phone and online. It was one less thing I had to worry about. Their team was so professional and timely - I could not have asked for more. Thank you, GC! We were also comforted by their 'greeness' in everything they do!!"

-Suzannah E.

Easy & Helpful "Green cremation was excellent. They were very helpful to find the right services and their pricing is excellent. They made the process very easy and we’re extremely helpful through out the whole process. I hope to never need them again but if I do I will definitely use and recommend them."

-Robert P.

Refreshingly Honest, Transparent Care In The Heart of Texas

Refreshingly Honest, Transparent Care In The Heart of Texas

We are Green Cremation Texas, the first environmentally-focused, carbon-neutral Funeral Home in the state.

Founded on accessibility and transparency, our mission is to empower families through the thoughtful adoption of technology and innovation, while reducing the stress and environmental impact brought on by traditional funeral practices.

Losing a loved one is difficult, working with a funeral home shouldn't be.

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