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We are Green Cremation Texas, the first and only environmentally-focused, carbon-neutral Funeral Home in the state.

Losing a loved one is difficult, working with a funeral home shouldn’t be.

Founded on accessibility and transparency, our mission is to empower families through the thoughtful adoption of technology and innovation, while reducing the stress and environmental impact brought on by traditional funeral practices.

What our families are saying:


Melissa and Kermit, I can not express how grateful I am to have found them. They were so helpful, Melissa explained everything in full detail, and I felt as if they treated us like family! Kermit is a special dog, and we were so comforted by his presence.

L. Sims


Melissa was there from start to finish, and we loved the attention we received from Kermit the Grief Therapy Dog.

H. Jasper


We found Melissa in June 2015. Melissa was very helpful and available to my whole family when we needed her. She explained everything in detail and she was a pleasure to work with in a very sad time in all of our lives. I would highly recommend Melissa Unfred.

L. Wursthaven

Green Cremation Service That Preserves Natural Beauty

We’re proud to be Texas’ only carbon-neutral funeral home. We offer Austin cremation only no service options that give you peace of mind all around. Residents in Austin can appreciate our dedication to protecting the natural beauty of Texas while honoring their loved ones.

Two Green Cremation Options in Austin

Water Cremation – This is a newer type of direct cremation in Austin that uses a water solution with elevated heat rather than flames. The process replicates natural decomposition in a much shorter period of time and is the most environmentally friendly type of cremation.

Clean Flame Cremation – We use a unique process to ensure our flame cremation is as clean as possible. From transport to the use of pure cotton sheets for wrapping to storing the remains, each part of the process decreases the environmental impact. Even though additional steps and precautions are taken, it’s still an option for low-cost cremation in Austin.

You can choose to have the ashes stored in an environmentally friendly scattering tube or choose from our selection of biodegradable funeral urns in Austin.

Transparent Austin Cremation Cost

How much is cremation in Austin? The average cost of cremation in Austin can exceed $4,000 without factoring in funeral services. At Green Cremation Texas we are transparent and upfront about our Austin direct cremation costs so there’s one less thing you have to worry about.

There’s a significant difference between cheap cremation and low-cost cremation in Austin. Green Cremation Texas offers Austin low-cost cremation that includes all of the essentials without unnecessary extras that increase the price. It allows us to provide exemplary service at a rate that’s affordable.

Austin funeral costs for traditional services are increasingly getting higher and higher without additional benefits. Those services can also be very harmful to the environment over time. You can save money and environmental damage with our clean cremation services.

Lynne Xavier
Lynne X.
17:52 12 Nov 19
If you want environmentally conscious death care and/or a home funeral, Melissa is awesome. I had been following her on social media for some time, and when my husband was in his last days on home hospice, I contacted Melissa and asked if she would be willing to take me on as a client. She responded very quickly, within a few hours, and gave me her cellphone number so I could message her when my husband died, anytime day or night. I had already done a lot of research on home funerals, natural burial, etc. so I was fairly clear on the basics of caring for my husband's body and natural burial sites in the Austin area, so Melissa didn't spend a lot of time on educating me about options, but I imagine she would go over options in more detail with anyone who wanted/needed that information. Melissa was super helpful in clarifying the legalities, taking care of paperwork and filing for death certificates, delivering extra cold packs (to cool the body) and the cardboard casket in time for the home wake so family/friends could write messages and decorate it. She kept in touch frequently through text messaging (less intrusive than voice calls) to send me updates, and to check to see if I needed anything. After the home wake, she arranged for transportation of the body (and casket) from home to her facility for refrigerated storage until the burial. Melissa helped facilitate the initial connection between me and the then-brand-new owner of Eloise Woods Natural Burial Park, and also worked behind the scenes with the new owner to coordinate delivery of the body to the burial site, and decorated the site with palm fronds. She stayed for the entire burial service (discreetly in the background) to make sure everything went smoothly. All in all, I'm so glad Melissa was available. She's friendly and down to earth, professional without being stuffy or formal, super conscientious, and knows her stuff. We wanted a home wake and green burial, and I'm so glad her services were available to help facilitate that. I didn't have to worry about legalities, transportation, etc., and could focus on taking care of my husband and my more
Dan Barnes
Dan B.
21:42 04 Nov 19
Green Cremation was helpful and nice to work with during a very hard time.
Spencer Thompson
Spencer T.
21:19 04 Nov 19
Thank you Melissa & team. Your guidance and help during a difficult time was noticed and appreciated by the whole family.
Jane Nitz
Jane N.
19:36 14 Oct 19
Excellent service! Very prompt in getting back to us and explaing the process. They were so gracious and quick to return calls and help with all the questions we had. Very sweet and considerate employees!read more
Krista Allenby
Krista A.
17:25 14 Oct 19
Melissa was so compassionate and caring when I lost my soul pup Moose. She dealt with a very abrasive vet tech for me, she took care of transporting him from the vet to be aquamated, and then she brought him to me when he was ready to come back home.I will only use Melissa for these services in the future, I needed someone with a giant heart and take charge attitude to get through that devasting time, and Melissa was just that more
John Christiano
John C.
03:05 06 Oct 19
Melissa was fantastic. Professional and compassionate during a very difficult time.
Ellen Macdonald
Ellen M.
21:22 01 Oct 19
Melissa was very caring and efficient. Excellent service and Kermit was needed fur Thetapy
Abigail Finch
Abigail F.
21:15 29 Sep 19
Melissa is a great funeral home director - she and Kermit make a wonderful team! I’m glad that there is a environmentally focused funeral home in the area that focuses on more
Diane Bryant
Diane B.
13:31 13 Sep 19
Melissa and Green Cremation were wonderful to work with during this very difficult time. She was respectful and very professional but at the same time gentle and understanding of our grief. I highly recommend her and Green more
Richard Mcaleer
Richard M.
13:19 29 Aug 19
Melissa has excellent communication and handled everything through a tough time, thank you.
Justine Broom
Justine B.
16:07 27 Aug 19
Melissa Unfred is the most heartfelt person, and was so amazingly helpful in our time of need. She made sure all wishes, on behalf of the family, were fulfilled and I will highly recommend the provided services to others when the time more
Kara Matthews
Kara M.
15:15 16 Aug 19
Melissa made the entire process during this difficult time go smoothly with compassion and kind consideration. I feel like I was truly able to honor my husbands wishes with as little impact on the environment as possible. Thank you!read more
Cherie Perez
Cherie P.
02:38 16 Aug 19
I contacted Green Cremation Texas when my mother was first diagnosed. I knew I did not want any pressure to have her embalmed prior to cremation. I was referred through another business associate. Right away I was pleased with the information on the website. A place with a dog always works for me. There was never any pressure at all. No surprise or redirection that I was interested in assisting with shrouding my mother. It was comforting and relaxing because I was not stressed about what was going to happen next. We were kept informed through the entire process. Thank youread more
Andrew&Erika Blanchard
Andrew&Erika B.
23:53 04 Aug 19
They are very professional and keep you updated on the process. Very affordable. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Melissa is who I dealt with and she was amazing thru this whole more
Josh Roberts
Josh R.
13:32 29 Jul 19
Melissa was such a saint at this tragic time for our family. She was very diligent and tact, especially when dealing with the medical examiners, whom persistently drug their feet. She made herself available to us at any time. I don’t know what we would’ve done without more
Alexis Blais
Alexis B.
18:14 24 Jul 19
My husband died unexpectedly and I had no idea how complicated it was to find a good honest place that would take care of him after his passing. After calling around and being told that I would have to make appointments in order to get any information, I came across Affinity/Green Cremation. I called the number and Melissa immediately answered. She took the time to explain everything, was up front about cost and options, handled me with care and compassion while being honest and forthcoming. She even went so far as to help me with some keepsake jewelry and a glass rose I wanted made. I was never in the dark about what was happening, all the documents were done electronically so it didn't delay the process and I could even complete everything at my pace without it feeling like a transaction. I can't say enough amazing things about Melissa and Green Cremation and hope I never need their services again, but if I do, they have a loyal customer for more
Bill Oriani
Bill O.
17:46 05 Jul 19
The cremation service was excellent and . Remains were personally delivered, questions and concerns were always handled quickly and profesionally. I was very more
Elizabeth Fournier - The Green Reaper
Elizabeth Fournier - The Green R.
02:15 02 Jul 19
I have been aware of Melissa's breadth of knowledge and influence on the world of natural burial, but this is the first time I have worked with her. We worked seamlessly together to transport a loved one half way across the country, and she participated in all steps of the process with a loving heart, a generosity of spirit, and steady demeanor. Melissa demonstrated to me that funeral professionals can work well together and handle all needs of the family they have the privilege to more
Andy Pell
Andy P.
16:52 01 Jul 19
We were distraught with an unexpected passing of a family member and reached out to Melissa for assistance. She was extremely kind and responsive to our questions. Although this is not a service you ever hope to need, Melissa made this process much easier than we more
Susan Tibbets
Susan T.
00:20 01 Jul 19
On May 19th, I had gotten a call from my sister in law telling me to fly immediately to Orlando (I am away for work). Halifax Health Hospice had let her know that my father was going to be passing soon and it was imperative that I fly in immediately - she wanted to contact me before hospice called me. We flew out that sameday to see my dad. My father passed away on Thursday May 23rd at 11:59 pm.I have known about Melissa Unfred and her advocacy for a while. I wanted Melissa Unfred to be handling my father's post mortem care because she is translucent about her services, she is professional, and she went above and beyond to ensure that my father had the best possible treatment - that he had a dignified death.My father was located in Deltona, Florida and she is in Austin, Texas - but that was of no concern to Melissa; she helped me even though she was out of state (I was located in Florida) and in a different time zone - she worked with my family and I on 24 hour call - all hours of the morning (especially since my father passed away so late in the evening). She never upsold me on services that weren't needed and was very upfront about the costs. A lot of traditional funeral homes seem to take advantage of grief (trust me we did our research on pricing) during this time, Melissa did not. She treated my family and myself with dignity during this difficult time.My family and I chose to have my father water cremated and I am eternally grateful that Melissa provides this service and orchestrated everything with timing and precision. Her professionalism and courtesy are exemplary - I cannot express how she went above and beyond to ensure that communication was clear and precise. It is remarkable in this day and age that this service more
April SouthBannin
April S.
23:36 18 Jun 19
Melissa was amazing with a touchy situation. She worked with us through the decision making, helped get everything arranged and done in time so we could fly my son's ashes back to NY to be buried. She is kind, understanding, patient, and overall awesome. She even had an emotional support animal at our viewing before cremation, which was much more
Jen S
Jen S
18:21 25 May 19
I highly recommend Affinity Green Cremation. We recently experienced an unexpected loss and were forced to have to navigate through this unfamiliar process. We called and spoke with Melissa was extremely helpful and went out of her way to make this process as easy as possible for us. I am truly more
Sarah Floerke
Sarah F.
01:17 30 Apr 19
My husband and I unexpectedly lost a baby. We didn't know anything about the crematory process. Melissa came recommended to us and was wonderful to work with. She walked us through the process in a professional and respectful way. She was very compassionate. I would highly recommend more
Steve Gouak
Steve G.
01:03 30 Apr 19
Melissa went above and beyond! I called and assumed it would be a lot of back and forth to arrange everything, but Melissa has a great process and is extremely respectful of your time. She sent one email to get what she needed and text me to update. She explained the process of water cremation and we were very happy with the results and benefits. Thank you so much for taking care of us!read more
Sandra Baker
Sandra B.
11:08 29 Mar 19
Melissa and Kermit are an incredible team! The dynamic duo not only goes above and beyond when it comes to caring for families during times of grief, they also work tirelessly to educate the public and demystify death. Melissa is brilliant and compassionate, you couldnt ask for a better mortician!!read more
Gloria Jean Waelchli
Gloria Jean W.
00:35 22 Mar 19
Melissa was excellent in caring for my husband's body after he died. He was retired military and she was able to quickly arrange for a military honor guard to be at his memorial service at our more
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan H.
02:07 13 Mar 19
Texas first and ONLY provider of Flameless Cremation
Lauren Wiles
Lauren W.
16:09 10 Mar 19
Melissa and Kermit are the best when teaching others about the green and economical options for families. They have brought more awareness of alkaline hydrolysis, green burial, and home funerals. She's the one to go to!read more
Carmon Martin
Carmon M.
16:02 10 Mar 19
Very knowledgeable and caring.
Katie Wolfe
Katie W.
14:25 10 Mar 19
Great for families and the environment!