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Easy 8-Step Cremation Process

Green Cremation Texas Cremation Process
Losing someone you love sucks - working with a funeral home doesn't have to. We became the highest-rated funeral home in Texas by using our simple 8-step cremation process.

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We have helped countless family across Texas and the #1 question that we get is:

“What is the cremation process?”

We’re Green Cremation Texas, the highest-rated funeral home in the state because we offer refreshingly honest, transparent care, and up-front pricing.

Our Cremation Process

Step 1 – Arrival

Our director arrives at the location of the deceased.

Step 2 – Transfer

We transfer your loved one in our electric-hybrid vehicle back to our funeral home.

Step 3 – Provision

100% online. We provide and explain all the needed paperwork and permits.

Step 4 – Care

We hold and care for your loved one while paperwork is being processed.

Step 5 – Authorization

We work with you and the local authorities to obtain and authorize all documents.

Step 6 – Cremation

After the paperwork is in order, and we remove all plastics and medical devices from the body, cremation occurs.

Step 7 – Ashes

We place the cremated remains of your loved one in an eco-friendly container or urn and are returned back to the care of your family.

Step 8 – Death Certificates

The local government will process our request and fulfill the number of ordered death certificates.

We get it – no one wants to visit a funeral home, or have a funeral director in their living room. Our funeral home services are 100% online – you’ll never need to come into one of our locations, or host us in your home! Call or text us 24/7! We’re available anytime for information and support.

Green Cremation Texas, we provide the highest level of care that families across Texas trust!

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