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The Rise of Green Funerals

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Green cremations are becoming increasingly common in this day and age because many people want their deaths to have less impact on the environment. When a traditional funeral is held, it takes up a lot of resources and can be environmentally damaging.

In recent years, as society becomes more aware of the environmental impacts of conventional burial, some families have begun to question whether or not embalming is necessary. 

Others are curious whether caskets are really necessary or if biodegradable coffins can replace traditional caskets. Still, others have expressed their concern that even cremation creates harmful emissions and ash disposal problems. Regardless of your beliefs, you should be aware that green or natural burials are a great option.

Environmentally Friendly Option

Green burials are more environmentally friendly than traditional burials because they eliminate the need for embalming or the use of caskets and wood or metal coffins. 

There is no need for a grave or tombstone, and there are also fewer materials used to construct a green burial. For instance, cremation services can now be done without the use of burial plots and caskets. As more people choose to go green after death, the environmental impact will also decrease.

Environmental Impact of Green Funerals

Green burials have many benefits that allow them to help conserve the environment. Families that opt to use green burials can save money on funeral expenses because they do not have to use caskets or tombs. 

They can also eliminate burial plots and, in some instances, the need for headstones. Some of these families choose to do a green burial without using a casket at all. In a traditional funeral, the body is removed from the home and placed in a body bag, which then goes into a coffin or other container lined with foam for transportation. 

The casket or container is then transported to the cemetery by vehicle, usually a hearse. The hearse and the body are stored at a funeral home while preparations for the burial are underway. A green burial eliminates all of these steps because there is no need for body transportation at all. 

Benefits of Green Cremation

One of the benefits of cremation is that it can be used as memorabilia. People often choose to keep the ashes of a loved one in an ornate urn and display them at home or in their workplace. Some choose to spread them in places of significance, such as places they took special trips or other memorable locations. This is known as “scattering” or “sprinkling” and is often a way to grieve and heal from the death of a loved one.

The Green Burial Council (GBC) was formed in 2004 in response to the growing interest in green burial practices. It is dedicated to ensuring that burials are conducted in an environmentally conscious manner. They have developed guidelines for funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums that aim to address the concerns over the impact of burials on the environment.

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