Green Cremation (Flame)

The most environmentally friendly flame-based cremation process possible.

Green Cremation - $885

For people uncomfortable with Water Cremation, but still looking to reduce their environmental footprint in death, we offer our unique flame cremation service. This cremation service takes the traditional, flame-based cremation process and makes it as environmentally friendly as possible. We do this by reducing the environmental footprint before, during, and after the body is cremated. For starters, all of the administrative work to arrange for the cremation is completely paper free, reducing the amount of resources consumed by routine administrative work.

The cremation process begins with us taking care to transport the body as little distance as possible in order to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Once the body it is in our care, it is sent directly to energy efficient crematorium.

Next, we remove all medical and end-of-life plastics from the body as we prepare it for cremation. This keeps the chemicals they would have released during the burning process out of the atmosphere. In addition, we do not wrap bodies in plastic sheeting once; we wrap in a clean cotton sheet and place the body in a cardboard container.

The result is no plastics of any kind are incinerated during the cremation process.

This translates into decreased environmental and human impact. As a result, an increasing number of people are choosing water cremation as an alternative to burial and flame-based cremation services.