Cremation Services

Green Cremation Services That Preserves Natural Beauty

We’re proud to be Texas’ only carbon-neutral funeral home. We offer cremation only no service options that give you peace of mind all around. Texas residents can appreciate our dedication to protecting the natural beauty of Texas while honoring their loved ones.

Our Process

Collection + Transportation

We provide safe transportation and shelter until the cremation process begins.

Paperwork + Permits

We'll deal with all of the paperwork and permits on your family’s behalf.


Once the death is registered with the state, we'll order and deliver a death certificate to your family.

What's Included?

1. Arrival

Our director arrives at location of deceased.

2. Transfer

We transfer the body to our funeral home.

3. Provision

100% online. We provide and explain all needed paperwork and permits.

4. Care

We hold and care for your loved one while paperwork is being processed.

5. Authorization

We work with you and the local authorities to obtain and authorize all documents.

6. Cremation

After all permits and documents are in order, cremation occurs.

7. Ashes

We place the cremated remains of your loved one in a eco-friendly urn and is returned back to the care of your family.

8. Death Certificates

The local government will process our request and fulfill the number of ordered death certificates.

Our Options

Lake Travis

Green Cremation (Flame) $885

The most environmentally friendly flame-based cremation process possible. Green Cremation – $885 For people uncomfortable with Water Cremation, but still looking to reduce their environmental in death, we offer our unique flame cremation service.

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